VP2 Behind the Scenes 3

The final part of our Video Project 2 which we came up with in the last minute. This scene was included to kinda disperse the differences towards both sides and kinda help them get into a middle ground. As you can clearly see from my acting, I was not prepared for this unscripted moment but yea… that’s pretty much it. Thanks for stopping by to see this “entertaining” blog I guess.^^

VP2 Behind the Scenes 2

So the day of shooting took place on Wednesday the 25th of May. We all gathered up early outside the Paeknam Library and decided to plan how we were going to shoot all the scenes. We realized that our scripts were kinda long for the short time we had to shoot so we basically decided to print out the scripts and use camera angles to hide the fact that we were reading the script. We kinda needed some practice in out acting though hahaha. As you can see in the full video, the subtitles do not really match what I said because I improvised the lines, giving it a more “real”/authentic view.

Video Project 2: Behind the Scenes

Pre-shoot days: 16.05.18 – 16.05.25
We did not have a lot of time to think about what we should for our video project, so we decided to have each member come up with two ideas each and we would decide based on votes. In the end we did another poll with the two final choices : Smoking and Euthanasia; Smoking got the majority of votes.

So my part in pre-production was to translate the script that two other members wrote the day before and finish it for the next day. Because it was during the Spring Festival period, it was somewhat difficult to add more things to do to my already busy schedule but in the end it all went well. We agreed to meet up on Wednesday the 25th to start our shooting.


20160525_130204.jpgscreenshot_20160601-105349.png        screenshot_20160601-105333.png