Video Project 2: Behind the Scenes

Pre-shoot days: 16.05.18 – 16.05.25
We did not have a lot of time to think about what we should for our video project, so we decided to have each member come up with two ideas each and we would decide based on votes. In the end we did another poll with the two final choices : Smoking and Euthanasia; Smoking got the majority of votes.

So my part in pre-production was to translate the script that two other members wrote the day before and finish it for the next day. Because it was during the Spring Festival period, it was somewhat difficult to add more things to do to my already busy schedule but in the end it all went well. We agreed to meet up on Wednesday the 25th to start our shooting.


20160525_130204.jpgscreenshot_20160601-105349.png        screenshot_20160601-105333.png


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