How to Make Videos that Don’t Suck

Tip 6. Keeping the brightest light behind you.
In this shot I tried to capture the lion statue of the campus while using lighting so features within the lion may be visible

Tip 8. Shoot what interests you.
In this shot we put dry ice in a bottle of water.  I thought it was kinda cool so obviously I had to record it.

Tip 5. Stop and shoot
We went camping that day. In this shot we tried to light up a fire for almost an hour. After finally understanding what we did wrong, we succeeded. This shot is the proof of it. 🙂

These three videos were made using the App Dubsmash. It takes audio clips from recordings and you record a video to try to lipsynch it. That day was a pretty boring day so this is the result. 🙂

So my friend bought a cat…She pretty much messes around a lot.

These shots were taken just on my way to school. Basic transition scenes.

Taking the car to the camping site.

On my way home as heavy rains fall in Seoul.

Okay… this shot was taken the same day as the heavy rains fell. This is just a proof of the amount of rain it poured around Seoul.

This shot was taken on a Sunday and it shows a small fraction of what happened in the Church’s Sport Day.

I went to this Marvel themed marathon which consisted of 7km and took place in the World Cup Stadium Park. At the end of the run, A-pink and Epik High had a small concert for all the participants.

The spring festival came and flew by. It was a wonderful experience and it was an honor to experience all the artist that came to our school.

Went to the spring festival at Korea Univ. It may not seem as strong but that thing is capable of sending anyone flying around.